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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process in placing your website higher in Google’s rankings. This makes it easier for your clients to access your website and buy your goods before running into one of your competitors. We achieve this by building up power to your website through social profiles, citations/directory listings, and tons of strong, clean backlinks. Through our proven strategic system, we have proven time and time again to increase your placement in Google’s rankings. After all, if your customers can’t find you, how can they buy from you?


Get your website optimized in order for it to show at the top of Google. Take all the customers looking online for your services and absolutely DOMINATE the competition. There’s nearly no project we can’t take with over 100’s of top spot rankings and satisfied clients. Submit a Discovery Form for a free video analysis on whether we could work together to dominate your local industry today.

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Website Creation

If you’ve been looking to develop your online business, but don’t have a website, you’ve come to the right place. We have some of the most skilled online technicians ready to build you the most highly-advanced websites that are scientifically proven to help your conversion rate once customers hit your page. Similarly if you already have a website and simply want to improve it, let us know.

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Reputation Management

If you’ve ever been on Yelp, you know that one bad review can ruin a business’s reputation, especially online. That’s why we here at Savvy SEO offer Reputation Management services, essentially wiping and hiding bad reviews while concurrently raising and amplifying good reviews. With consumers these days focusing on companies only with five-star ratings, it has become a must to keep this part of your business squeaky clean. Let us help you do that.

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Service Overview

Are you satisfied with the amount of money you’re making through your website?

Would you like to make more revenue a month passively through clients finding you online?

Clients coming to YOU instead of you having to go find them?

These are all services that can be provided with Search Engine Optimization. Maybe you just want to dominate the local competition online, or maybe you want to tap into Google’s Paid Advertising but you want to do it in a knowledgable, well-informed way. Whatever your need is, we can fill it here at Savvy SEO.

Dominate Google

Not only do we aim for the top spot, but we want to dominate the entire page. We want to take up as much capital as possible so your potential customers and clients are finding you and ONLY you, before they can find your competitors. Keep yourself ahead of the game by optimizing your website.

Website Design

We understand if some people may want to redo their website or don’t have a website to begin with. We specialize in making highly converting, user-friendly webpages in order to help your consumers navigate your online business.

All Work Done In-House

No outsourcing done here, all work is done in-house by our team of professionals located all over the Continental U.S. Our team of SEO professionals and web designers can take care of any needs your company may have. We are committed to your project and making you a return and will not stop until it is done.

Social Media Marketing

We take care of social media marketing for you, an importance in this day and age to stay relevant on the internet and maximize revenue. We create a solid gameplan for us to follow as we use the power of social media to bring you more exposure and revenue.

Worry Free Contracts

Standard SEO contracts are 6 months, but if you’re paying month to month and aren’t seeing results, why should you be forced to stick around? We at Savvy SEO offer worry-free, month to month payments as we are so confident we will deliver. We let our work speak for itself.

Increase Monthly Leads

Our internet marketing experts know how to get you on the first page and get targeted traffic, ready buyers, to your website. Similarly we can target the traffic going to your competitors to bring you ahead of the game and absolutely DOMINATE the local industry.


"Elisha reached out to our business over the phone and we are glad we had the opportunity to work with him. He was very communicative throughout the process and lead us to multiple first page rankings, business has been booming and we could not be happier with his work."

− Charles K. at Tustin Music Center

"Elisha held our hand through the search engine optimization process and basically led us to first page rankings when previously we had no knowledge of such things beforehand. We are glad to have done business with him."

− Dr. Emily L. at Walker Family Dental

"Working with Elisha was effortless. great results, which in turn lead to great exposure. I would recommend any business owner to use his services, I would be more than happy to work with him in the future! 10/10"

− Sam P. at Simplistic SEO

"Very rarely do you find a expert that knows what they're talking about. With Elisha, that wasn't the case. We had an in-depth discussion about my business and then worked together to ensure my goals were met. He's a master at helping you get more customers for your business. I definitely recommend his services."

− Michael R. at Uprise Marketing

"Working with Elisha on my realty website was a very smooth process. Elisha was very easy to talk to and always manageable to get ahold of. I would recommend any small business owners who wants results to work with him."

− Helen K. at RE/MAX Realty


Elisha Kim

Elisha Kim

Head SEO Consultant/Online Marketing Expert

If you landed on this page, chances are you probably were searching for SEO in one of the cities we rank for, whether it be in Pasadena, or maybe you were on our YouTube channel and saw one of our informative videos.

The truth is if you’re not on the 1st page of Google, you are losing money to your competitors. 90% of customers are looking online for businesses these days, the smartphone and laptop replacing the everyday phonebook. This is why you need a local SEO expert to help you optimize your search engine result rankings so you can capitalize on this otherwise free-falling business that is falling through your hands.

We can get your website mobile optimized and increase your rankings in Google so your customers can find you better, as we have done with countless companies and businesses. We’d like to provide you with a free consultation and website analysis, and give you honest feedback on changes you can implement to your website in order to become better optimized and dominate your section of your local niche. Contact us at 909-217-8853 to get started today!




Why should I get Search Engine Optimization?

As we all know technology is moving forward and more and more people are found on their laptops and computers. Usually this gives local business owners a headache as word of mouth is no longer an effective form of advertisement. We can leverage the use of the internet and use it to our strength by getting our websites optimized so when people are looking for your services, your website is the first one they come across. By not optimizing your website for the search engines, you are effectively losing out on every single customer looking for your business online. Get Search Engine Optimization with an SEO Agency today.

What is the Cost?

As a doctor cannot diagnose his clients before they step into the office, a proper submitting of the Discovery Form is required before we can make an estimate. The cost will vary between businesses and industries depending on the local competition, cost to rank, and estimated time in order to rank. All this information will be provided with a submitting of the Discovery Form however. Fill one out here.

Do I need a website?

You do need one to have consumers access your business online, however we here at Savvy SEO have experts dedicated to just that, web design. Contact us here to request a quote on a website so we can get started dominating your local business online.

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