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Savvy SEO are a digital marketing agency based in Los Angeles, but servicing around the world. We have clients across all niche verticals, and work with small-medium size firms in establishing and developing their online marketing strategy. Our team can help drive clients and revenue to you through marketing your business online, contact us today for no obligation chat about how we can help!


Savvy SEO can help create or redesign your online presence; this starts with your website. A website is generally your customers first point of call when they visit you online, which is why it is imperative that it is easy to navigate, looks professional and is optimised to work on any device. Our developers work with you to create a bespoke site that fits your existing branding and company image.


Imagine if every time a customer searched for your business in your local area, you were put in front of them. SEO increases your businesses’ revenue by ensuring that whenever someone searches for a service that you can provide, your website shows up first. More visits to your website means more clients or customers!


Paid traffic can help drive revenue to your business both on and offline. At Savvy SEO, we can target your perfect customer & convert them into a paying client by putting your business in front of them when they search for you. We are experts in conversion optimisation and can bid competitively on different ad platforms such as Google Adwords & Facebook Ads.


Savvy SEO provide white label web design & SEO services to digital marketing agencies around the world. We work in confidence from the brief that you clients give you, and allow your business to grow by outsourcing excess projects that you may not have to time for. Savvy SEO aim to fill the void between expensive western white label companies, and unreliable, cheap foreign competition.

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You have probably heard the term SEO before, but what exactly is it? And how can it help you and your business? Well SEO stands for search engine optimism and it is a way to organically get your webpage at a higher ranking when people do a search on the internet. The earlier your website is seen in a search, the more views you will get. This than brings you more business. Countless amounts of people browse the internet today and use search engines to find exactly what they are looking for. A Pasadena SEO expert is the one whose skills are used to make people see what they do first; meaning these pages have a high ranking. Any SEO agency can do this, but it is best to use a company that has experience in order to increase your traffic. We are a highly reputable SEO company that is based in Pasadena and have experience doing just this. We can guarantee that your website will find its way near the top of the search page, increasing your overall rank in the global internet world. All you have to do is fill out the application form, and one of our seo experts will get back to you right away. Once you have made contact with us, we will than meet with you to find out more about your company and its specific niche. Then, an SEO expert within our Pasadena SEO office will use this information to come up with key words that will be used that will promote both your niche and your location. We will also speak to you about your budget and tailor all of your online marketing based on this. Once we start building links to your website through the use of Search Engine Optimization you will see a large increase in your website’s rank, which will of course bring you more business. You will see the traffic of your website increase within days. We will also send weekly reports so that you can see just how well our techniques work. In addition to search engine optimizing, we also provide other services to increase your traffic. In today’s day and age, online marketing is essential in building and growing any business, even businesses that are already thriving. Our Pasadena SEO company can also earn you money through the use of paid traffic, which, if there is enough, could essentially pay for all of the services that you use with our Search Engine Optimization agency. Paid traffic is a great way for you to make money every time that someone clicks on a site affiliated with your website. This means that you are agreeing to advertise another company website on your website, and if someone clicks on it you earn money. It is that simple. The other website is usually in some way connected to the type of website that you run. For example, if you are a tour operator it may be an advert that goes to a flight booking site. This also works on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You have probably noticed sometimes while you are on Facebook that it asks you to like a page, which is a page linked to a website you may have recently browsed. This is another great online marketing technique that is vital in creating more organic traffic to your website. We are a Pasadena SEO business that can offer you more traffic on your website, which in turn will give you more business. By not using SEO tactics you will miss out on many things, like traffic, high rankings, and money. It will help people find your website, helps build your brand, aids in social marketing, is a great way to beat the competition, and will often make you more trustworthy. By not using it, the competition is already a few steps ahead of you, and you could even lose valuable business that you already have. Finding new business is a must for any growing business, but keeping current business is too, and no one should lose business because of something as simple as SEO.